Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why do I do this?

It has almost been 30 years now since I set my first Altair computer aside. As the new PC's were released the users quickly went away from the S-100 bus and new choices were made with Commodore, Radioshack/Tandy, Apple and of course IBM. The old computers seemed to find their way to my computer retail business and the next thing I knew I was a collector. Early on I really did not think the original homebrew and S-100 computers would be worth much, but how things have changed. Most now sell for more than their original selling price and some are priceless. To date I have collected over 1000 old computers, video pong consoles and vintage calculators. In 2003 I finally started a website to assit in cataloging and making the collection available to websurfers worldwide. The site is Check it out if you get a chance. Many people have asked me about collecting so I thought I would chronicle some of my activities as I continue to add more relics to my PC Museum. I must first thank all of the past customers of ACP Superstore for their donations or allowing me to purchase their computers at a realistic price. Without my friends I would not have been able to aquire such a nice collection of computers. Recently I received a call from Harry Jones in Huston, Texas. Harry and I reminisced about the early days. He was a reseller of California Computer Systems and other S-100 computers. He also attended many ofthe early computers shows in Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas and others. Computer Shows were the best way to market any computer products and you had to hit the circuit if you were going to compete in those early days as there were not enough places to market or buy the latest in computer peripherals, add-ons and new trick devices. Just before Hurricane Rita threatened to move in on Houston Harry called and donated his CCS "slimline" S-100 computers system with all the original software. What a nice computer! In toally new condition and not a scratch on it. Plus it is populated with a full complement of S-100 cards, a 5Mb hard drive and floppy. Thanks Harry frot thinking of us- You're computer has a nice home and it also online at our website.


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