Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just Like the Son wins top prize at Film Festival in Rome

Morgan J. Freeman, Jamin O'Brien and Gil Holland received the good news by email from Rome! They created their new movie "Just Like the Son" to reach a young audience (13-19) and it looks like they were right on. Nice job and here's hoping it opens new doors for the film.... Here is the email they received.

Dear Jamin, 10/20/06
We tryed to call you by phone but maybe it's too early in the morning in USA
We are pleased to inform you that the film Just like the son won the prize for the best feature film in Young Adult competition Be so kind to forward this good new to the director as well We will send the prize to the address you will let us kindly know Concerning the prize of euro 5000 (five thousand) for the director please give us his bank account details in order to make the money transfer as soon as possible For any question or further information we are at your complete disposal
Best Patrizia Freddi

Alice in the city
Roma Cinema Fest Headquarter
Via Benaco, 5 00199 Roma
Tel +39 (0) 6 85304966 Fax +39 (0) 6 8840362

Alice - an intelligent little girl filled with curiosity, dressed in red with her arms thrown open to the world, who speaks in cartoon bubbles – is partying for cinema around the city, from the Auditorium to Piazza Augusto Imperatore and Piazza dei Sanniti in San Lorenzo. This is the logo, the heart, the symbol of “Alice nella città”, the children’s festival running as an integral part of the RomeFilmFest from this year, as one of the Roman programme’s five sections. From the 13th to the 20th of October, the 150 jurors aged between 8 and 14 will be working to choose the winners in two categories: cinema and books. There are 14 films in competition, divided into two groups based on the age of the audience and jurors: “K12”, for children aged 12 to 14 and “Young Adult” for those between 13 and 17 years of age. Five books will be running for the Ungari UNICEF award. Prizes range from 2,000 euros for a special mention to 5,000 euros for the winner. The jury is made up of students from five Roman schools selected from those most active in teaching cinema and literature to youngsters. Jurors will be based in a centre on Via Flaminia throughout the festival, where they will be followed by 12 UNICEF tutors, aiming to promote children’s rights. The whole event will be accompanied by sidebar programmes held in historic venues throughout the capital, decked out in contemporary style for the occasion by Spanish designer Marti Guixe.

Here is Morgan now working hard on "Island Fever" in Maui!


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