Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics of Teen Pregnancy this Tuesday Feb 16th on MTV with debut of Season 2 of “16 & Pregnant”

"16 & Pregnant"
MTV's top-rated show from last year will chronicle the ups and downs of 10 new teenager’s ability to cope with becoming a mother earlier than planned.
Teen pregnancy has become even a bigger problem as 2009 saw an increase of 2% over the previous year.
I think all teens from 15 years should view ”16 & Pregnant” as it captures the issues head-on in a no-holds barred approach of showing what happens when you have a child at such an early age.
If you are a young teen mother you can forget about:
*Graduating from High School with your peers.
*Maintaining normal relationships with your friends will be difficult.
*Your base of friends will almost go away.
*Statistics say obtaining a College Diploma will almost totally out of reach.
*Free time to do what you want will not be possible while raising a child.
*Getting a good job while you are raising a child is almost impossible.
*Most teens lack the parenting skills to raise a child.
*Chances are your new child will face greater risk of poverty, behavioral problems, poor academic performance, incarceration, and teen pregnancy.
*Teen pregnancy creates family issues that continue day-in and day-out.
Bottom-line: Teen pregnancy has zero advantages.

“16 & Pregnant” deals with these and other issues in way to discourage young teens from risking an early pregnancy. It is a difficult line for the creators of this show to bring the issues front and center while not making Reality TV Stars of the mothers. They have been very successful showing all the aspects of teen pregnancy in a entertaining and educational way. You really feel for the girls that are showcased. The show our young people think before you getting into a similar situation as these girls.

I am 68, hardly the target audience, but cannot wait for another season of “16 & Pregnant”.

I will be watching!


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