Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Maui Fever to Air on MTV January 2007 from Long Beach to Laguna Beach to Kaanapali Beach in Maui

"Maui Fever", filmed late 2006 in Maui, will hit the TV screens starting January 17th, 2007 at 10:30 on MTV. Created, Directed and Co-Produced by Morgan J. Freeman, "Maui Fever" should bring new excitement to the line-up of reality-based shows on MTV. Morgan and Asylum Productions are very excited about the new show and have big expectations on how it will be received by the MTV audience. They have tried to deliver the raw beauty and excitement Maui has to offer plus a very edgy story featuring some of the most interesting young adults now living and making their homes in the Lahaina area. I am looking forward to this hot new show and hope you will also tune in. Morgan also directed the first season of Laguna Beach: The Real OC and hopes that "Maui Fever" will be just as successful. Here are some random shots of Laguna Beach (Kristin and Morgan) and Maui Fever (Anna and Chante with Morgan, Morgan and Steve Michaels on the Beach in Maui) during production. Remember Maui Fever! January 17, 2007.


Blogger Mauihaole said...

I live in Lahaina. I like the show. It's cool to see Corbin, Sean and Jesse on MTV. Next season it would be great to see some smokin asian,pacific islander and Hawaiian main characters. America could learn a lot from these cultures! I moved here from the mainland 5 years ago,my life has been forever changed by the locals i've met and it's not at all boring! Hey you should do a show about all my local friends and me! For realls! I promise America would love it and so would the Hawaiians!

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