Monday, January 02, 2012

My Bucket List

My Bucket List (Work in Progress)

Things I’ve Already Done

  1. Swim with Sea Turtles
  2. Enjoy Hungarian Yogurt in Budapest
  3. Dance the Bouzouki in Mykonos
  4. Sleep under the stars in Yosemite
  5. Live and own a Bar in Palma de Mallorca
  6. Float in Kaanapali Beach, Maui
  7. Celebrate Christmas in Paris
  8. Photograph Long Beach Grand Prix
  9. Eat pig blood in Lake Tequesquitengo, Mexico
  10. Start my own business (4-times)
  11. Jump off a waterfall
  12. Go at midnight and catch Grunion
  13. Work counting worms in a Worm Ranch
  14. Fly First Class
  15. Fly up Cook Inlet and buzz Glaciers
  16. Have bit part in Movie (Deadfall 1966)
  17. See Opera in Munich, Germany
  18. Find my way back to a youth hostel at 5 am
  19. Enjoy Octopus soup in Naples, Italy
  20. Hear Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony performed live
  21. Hitch a ride on the side of the road
  22. Ride side-car on motorbike during rush hour Vietnam
  23. Eat Black Scorpions in Vietnam
  24. Train thru Vietnam
  25. Drive through a giant Redwood tree
  26. Ride an Elephant in Cambodia
  27. Watch El Cordobes fight a Bull
  28. Get a 3 hour massage
  29. People watch from a Parisian café
  30. Keep a journal for a year
  31. Crew on Transpacific Yacht Race in Australia
  32. Take a 65 foot sloop thru the Greek Islands
  33. Walk around Stonehenge
  34. Drink fresh Mint Tea on Moroccan rug in Tangiers
  35. Do the whole coin thing in the Trevi Fountain
  36. Scuba at night in Catalina
  37. Ski in fresh powder at Sun Valley
  38. Hike to Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona
  39. Learn only the best magic trick ever
  40. Enjoy Fettucinni Alfredo at original restaurant in ROME
  41. Learn to cook Paella from Spanish Cook
  42. Soak in a thermal hotspring
  43. Watch people climb Half Dome
  44. Camp in the Yellowstone
  45. Use a machete in the rainforest
  46. Listen to Flamenco in Andalucia
  47. Cross from Europe to Asia by ferry
  48. Win a Chinese Yo-Yo Contest
  49. Dive in the Amazon River
  50. Catch and Eat a Piranha in the Amazon river
  51. Haggle for useless trinkets in a Bazaar or Casbah
  52. High Tea in London
  53. Do an underwater photoshoot
  54. Drive on the Autobahn
  55. Celebrate Carnaval in South America
  56. Gamble in Monte Carlo
  57. Have a sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji fish market
  58. Have walk-on in TV Reality Show (Maui Fever)
  59. Spend Thanksgiving in Turkey
  60. Eat at French Laundry

Things I Want To Do

  1. Write a hit doowop song
  2. Watch Prarie Chickens mate
  3. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina
  4. Create Multi Medi Show on PC Industry
  5. Walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain
  6. Celebrate New Years on the International Dateline
  7. Walk Cinque Terre Italian Riviera
  8. Go to the Oscars
  9. Explore Petra
  10. Kayak around a calving glacier in Alaska
  11. Experience the Aurora Borealis
  12. Go bushwhacking
  13. Ride the Orient Express
  14. Float in the bio-luminescent bays of Puerto Rico
  15. Stomp grapes in Tuscany
  16. Watch the sun rise and set on all 7 continents
  17. Standing dangerously close to an erupting volcano
  18. See Earth come into view from space
  19. Get an 8 hour massage
  20. Watch Grand Slam of Tennis (3 down)
  21. Kayak down the Grand Canyon
  22. Get over 1,000,000 views on YouTube
  23. Crash an Indian wedding
  24. Camp in the Serengeti


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