Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Attache? Altair 8800b?

Today we received a very nice vintage and rare S-100 computer. It is an Altair 8800b in an attractive case with power supply and keyboard. Moncolan Attache is the brand name and its logo is on the front panel. Inside there is a full complement of S-100 cards including the MITS 8080 cpu card. It is reported that Attache was created by Pertec while they were still building MITS systems. Their brand was Icom but this has a Moncolan logo? Evidently Moncolan was an OEM and had some kind of deal with MITS/Petec to repackage their computer in one self-contained case. I have never heard of the company or the computer. Inside the computer is all the parts to make an 8800b. The boards, power supply and the keyboard are all similar to an 8800b. If you know any additional information about this system please let me know? Here is a copy of an old advertisement for the Attache'.


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