Monday, July 10, 2006

“Pho Thang Long” Best Pho in California

Last year Barb and I visited Vietnam. As we traveled from town to village we looked for the perfect “Pho”. There seems to be a degree of freshness to “Pho” in Vietnam that is difficult to find here. The best “Pho” we have experienced to date has been “Pho Thang Long” on Brookhurst at McFadden in Westminster (behind KFC). Their chicken broth is fresh, delicate, and full of a variety of herbs and special flavors.

One of my friends, Vivian (from Vietnam), joined me here and was very impressed. She said the chicken is fresh. What do you mean? I said, she replied, it is fresh chicken, not frozen or processed. Then on the way back to the office she took me by the place that only sells freshly butchered chickens- just like the old country! Good Spring Rolls as well. Also open late! 15579 Brookhurst St. Westminster, CA 92683. 714-839-4955


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont know if you guys know yet but pho thang long moved to a larger location
9550 Bolsa Ave #115F
Westminster Ca 92683

10:19 PM  

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