Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Just Like the Son" Premieres at Tribeca

Quick trip to New York to attend the Premiere of "Just Like the Son" at the Tribeca Film Festival. The entire Freeman Family was there including Zach, Paige and Max from Chicago. Andrea Fall also joined in on the festivities. Morgan's girlfriend Rebecca was there and also worked on the movie. The audience really seemed to like the movie...here's hoping it gets the top prize! Antonio Ortiz (Boone) and Mark Webber (Daniel) really were engaging and did a nice job. Mark's new look is for his latest film where he has Alopecia (loss of hair). Congratulations to the entire JLTS team- it was a great celebration for a lot of hard work and the result was totally enjoyable to watch. Nice to see Rosie Perez, Brendan Sexton III and the producers Gill Holland (with new bride Augusta) and Jamin O'Brien with his wife Maria. Plus Jamie Oliver (Naked Chef-FoodTV) made an unexpected visit to the JLTS brunch!
Also there is a nice video interview of Morgan and Brenden Sexton III on AOL Moviefone at the following link. Once on the page click thru the video's until you get Morgan and Brenden Video.

Tribeca Film Festival is now history. A film called "The Treatment" won the division that "Just Like the Son" was in. JLTS did receive the cudos of the audience, created a healthy buzz around New York and had incredible reviews. Here is a link to one of the reviews. The following is an excerpt from the review.
Reviewer Thoughts: Just Like The Son is a movie that fell under the radar at the festival. After reading a brief synopsis, I went in expecting a mushy, sentimental flick about the world’s cutest kid and the world’s biggest loser somehow hitting it off. Preparing for a super-saccharine experience that would undoubtedly give me a sugar seizure, I kept my expectations low. But I stand corrected.

As it turns out, Just Like The Son is the biggest surprise at Tribeca. It is a bittersweet tale about friendship, self-sacrifice, and doing what you think is right even when all logic (and the law) would steer you otherwise. Writer/director Freeman (Hurricane Streets shoots the film with subtlety and raw passion for the material. In a way, it’s this year’s Garden State, telling an honest story about two people who stumble into each other’s lives and leave an imprint. There is no overhead narration, no preachy monologues, nothing the faintest bit nauseating. It’s also got a great soundtrack, full of tunes from “Iron & Wine”, Woody Guthrie, and “The Elected”, to name a few.

The best thing about the movie is how you really care about the characters. Boone is a sweet kid, but he is challenging and can be a handful—like when he wanders off in a crowded carnival. Daniel has been dismissed by society as a bad kid, and he certainly has his fair share of issues. But there is a depth to his eyes and a kindness to his actions that suggest he has hope; if not for himself, then at least for the kid. Just Like The Son is a quiet movie that says more with a single glance than many films say with pages of dialogue. It’s a real delight, and one of the best hidden treasures at Tribeca.



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What a fun party. I still can't google any reviews of the movie, but I can find reviews of all the other NY, NY films. What gives?


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