Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Osborne 4 or Vixen: Last Hurrah!

The Osborne-4 "Vixen" was the last computer produced by Osborne before it closed for the second time in 1985. This machine was still in development when the company filed bankruptcy in 1983. It was another step in the ego-driven company that ignored what the customer’s really want and like the Executive only caused more lost marketshare for Osborne.

Very few of these units were ever sold. It is extremely rare and we are proud to have one in pristine condition. It has a smaller footprint than earlier Osborne models. The screen is 7” and the keyboard is attached and folds down to act as a riser for the computer. Nice design. The Vixen had a 4 MHz Zilog Z80 cpu, 64Kb RAM. 24 lines x 80 columns of memory-mapped videodisplay, (2) 400Kb disk drives and optional 10Mb hard drive.


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