Friday, February 02, 2007

"Maui Fever" Finding its Way! Now in Full Stride...

Episode 3 really put Maui Fever in stride. It takes several episodes to tell a story and showcase such a beautiful place as Maui. As you can imagine I have been getting some interesting comments to my blog. Some looking for a more Hawaiian influence and others that really like what is going on. I just returned from over 3 weeks on Kaanapali Beach and I really enjoy the weekly glimpse of the vivid imagery found only in Maui. I am too old to be watching MTV, but I still enjoy the great photography and imagery in each show. The sunsets, moonscapes, transparent surf and the fast moving blue sky dotted with snow white clouds in deep saturated HD color. Wow! that is nice stuff! I also like the music aside from some of the hip-hop and rap. In the past three weeks they have showcased Flemming Beach, Lahainatown, Napili, Airport Beach, Black Rock, Hula Grill, Kaanapali Beach Hotel, The Whaler, Kaanapali Alii, Kimo's, Hula Grill, LeiLani's and more. It is just nice to see Maui. I can't wait until we get to enjoy the rest of the Island.
Hope you are liking the show more each week as I am.


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