Friday, July 03, 2009

"16 & Pregnant" Episode 4 Ebony Most Eye Opening Yet

"16 & Pregnant" Episode 4 Ebony Most Heart Wrenching to date- Seals the Deal! Captivating video- I was mesmerized! Getting Pregnant at 16 is not for me!

"16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor" Finale Special Hosted By Dr. Drew Pinsky Set To Air On Thursday, July 23 At 10PM ET/PT

Recent Comments:
I have been able to catch a few of these episodes. Good for young kids to see that raising children ain't so easy...JM Manhattan Beach, CA

We watched the first one and are looking forward to seeing REAL life after the blessed event...RR Sagle, ID

"I LOVE the series. Very, very, very good TV! I was So surprised those programs don't already exist?" about time yeah MTV and Morgan! LC, San Jose, CA

WOW, this is great!!!...MG, Long Beach, CA

I hope you are getting this out to all the schools, TV media and newspapers. It is very good! Must see for all our teenagers.... BB, Fairbanks, AK

"Kids in Long Beach Schools today think getting pregnant is a cool thing to do?"...CB, Long Beach, CA

This is so timely for Alaska as I think we have the highest rate of young Mothers, especially with our Gov’s daughter with a baby of her own....GB, Juneau, AK

"About time someone did something, as teen pregnancy in Texas is up as much as 15%.....I applaud MTV for this provocative no holds barred look at one of our most severe social problems today!"....SK, Denton, TX


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