Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 & Pregnant Premiere on MTV gets Huge Audience

Reports from MTV indicate 16 & Pregnant is reaching a significant audience of 12-34 year-olds. Morgan J. Freeman, Executive Producer, hopes more of our nations youth will tune in as the show really presents a raw and real look into how ones life changes with the addition of a new baby. Especially when the young parents are still teenagers. Teenage pregnancy, reportedly, has increased as much as 15% in some of our larger cities. Some high school teachers currently say teenage pregnancy in our schools has actually become a fad. The first episode was very heart-wrenching as Maci attempted to deal with all the issues of raising a new baby at 16. Hopefully there will be updates as we all want Maci, Ryan and Bentley to have a good life.
By the way MTV is looking for new participants in its socially important and thought-provoking series. If you are a young women and are presently pregnant contact MTV and inquire on how you can get involved with the series.
Congratulation's to MTV and its entire team for its early success in presenting this important issue to our young kids.


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