Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morgan J Freeman on Thin Ice at Lake Erie Photo Shoot

The popular movie "Frozen River" takes place on US-Canadian Border next to the St. Lawrence River. If you haven't seen it catch it before the Oscars on Feb 22nd- it is Great!
As a West Coast resident it is hard to imagine a big river or lake freezing over.
Lake Erie only freezes over about six or so out of every 10 years and 2009 was one of them. However, taking a short cut across the thin ice to Canada is very risky and never recommended. This week it was so cold Lake Erie's surface was frozen. It is estimated that 98% of the lake is covered by ice. Not enough for the 150 or so fishermen that got stranded this week on a piece of ice near Oak Harbor, Ohio.
Morgan J Freeman is once again filming against the bitter challenges of snow, ice and the Lake Erie weather. Here is a low-res iPhone shot of what it looked like the same day of the fishermen rescue.....
Stories like this make be feel good about just being home in Southern California where the days are sunny, the nights cool and are best with a nice log in the fireplace.
For all my friends that live along Lake Erie bundle up and stay warm as Spring is coming soon- but not soon enough for most of you.


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