Monday, April 10, 2006

"Just Like the Son" to Premiere at Tribeca

Just a commercial for my son Morgan's new movie "Just Like the Son" set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 29th in Nw York City. Nice excuse for our family to convene in New York for a few days. Morgan wrote and directed the movie- set in New York and other places in the USA. Barb and I have seen the rough cut and it is really a moving story about a young boy coming of age and the difficulties life has to offer. Mark Webber (Broken Flowers, Winter Solstice)) does a nice job and Rosie Perez (Lackawanna Blues, Riding in Cars with Boys) is excellent as the school principal. You really fall in love with Antonio Ortiz who play "Boone". Morgan has worked several times with Brendan Sexton III (Hurricane, Boys don't Cry) and he is again seen delivering his best. See my links to the website on "Just Like The Son". Nice website- great trailer....


Blogger teenspirit7 said...

Sounds like a great movie!!Am interested in movies myself !!Will try to watch this one!!

8:25 AM  
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