Thursday, April 06, 2006

PC Museum To Have Permanent New Home!

A new PC Museum is being developed to house our collection and more. This will be the most complete and comprehensive
display of the computer revolution. This will include the advent of the Personal Computer (Apple I to Zenith), Apple Computer History, The development of Pong, TV Games and Handheld Games, History of Calculators and Typewriters and historical pieces of Mainframe Computers. The Museum will reside in a freestanding building and will tell the story of the computer, people, places and companies. The design of the installation will be orientated for children and adults.
You can help! We still need museum quality pieces from the early 1970’s. Preferably working models such as the SWTP 6800, Scelbi 8-H, Apple II, Altair Music Solution, Smoke Signal Broadcasting, Apple 20th Anniversary Computer, Polymorphic S-100 Computers, Heathkit H-8, EC-1 Computers, Teletype ASR-33, Cromemco Computers and more. Contact us with your ideas on hands-on displays, interactive displays, film-clips and film demonstrations, animation and any suggestions on how we can make our museum the best in existence. Your suggestions, donations and offers will be noted and placed in the museum in your name so you can be part of computer history and our new museum. Over the past several years many of you have contacted us regarding viewing the collection. We are happy to say that our collection will finally have a home for all to enjoy. If you can help call me at 714-558-8822 or email dfreeman@acpsuperstore.
Thanks, Dave


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