Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Techno Wall Hangings! Homage to Ken Olson?

Steve, from the Yahoo Altair Computer Club, emailed me his Techno Wall Hangings. I have to admit I do not have one in my home. My wife would come unglued with even the thought. I have not seen Techno Wall Hangings and have to admit it is nostalgic. It probably reminds most viewers of all the bad money they wasted on DEC equipment. Or perhaps brings back memories of Ken Olson’s (former longtime CEO of DEC) lame and feeble attempt to take DEC into the PC marketplace. Fortunately Compaq came to DEC’s rescue with their ill-advised purchase of DEC. Some may prefer Techno Hangings be relegated to bathrooms only? (especially for Ken Olson's left-overs) Anyway, Thanks for the concept and the photo. I would suggest that you modify your wall hangings and mount the actual computers with only the faceplates showing…...it may be a better way out of a marriage. A better use may be to customize Ken Olson's tombstone with some faceplates. Also I would like to share a quote from Ken Olson....
“There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.”

The front panels are: (Top to bottom- left side)
DG Nova 3
DEC PDP 11/10
MITS Altair 680b
DG Eclipse (version 1)
Picomm (Potter Instrument Co.)(Model unknown)
(Top to bottom- right side)
DEC PDP 11/10
DG Eclipse (version 2)
ICOM CP-6800 (a relabeled MITS Altair 680bT)
DEC PDP 11/34
DEC PDP 11/60


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