Monday, July 10, 2006

“Otafuku” for "soba" in Gardena.

This small, hot, very-Japanese, old-time restaurant serves authentic peasant style noodles. The ambiance certainly could be better. I had kiku-uchi, a buckwheat soba noodle ($10) that's rare even in Japan, served cold on a piece of paper with sliced scallions and a dipping sauce (tsuyu) made of dark miso, kelp and Bonita flakes. (photo similar)

After you finish your noodles they bring a pot of yu (water they used to cook noodles) and you add it to your dipping sauce and finish with a nice broth. Barb had Udon soup with shrimp and it was also very good. The noodles are as good as it gets at this place. Only problem is the ambiance itself and the location, food is top-quality and we recommend, but get there early as they line-up. 16525 S Western Av, Gardena, 310-532-9348. Next week we will try another noodle shop!


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