Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maui Fever Will Chaunte Get Dumped? Cosmic Toes

I am way to old for this stuff but I am enjoying the storyline in Maui Fever. Since I have a second home in Maui I was initially interested in watching to see just how the Producers of the show would capture the remarkable scenery in Maui. There is nothing like a nice ride to Hana or spending an afternoon on the many rocky beaches on the other side of Kapalua. This show does put you in a Maui State of Mind! I remember a taxi drive telling me as we drove to the airport during a full moon "you know Maui and Sedona are the only places on the earth that get special beta particles from the Cosmos". I have spent 15 years since he told me this trying to intercept some of these special particles- I am sure they are there. So Maui is a special place and it was nice to see the rocky shores south of Kapalua where we learned that Anna has Norwegian blood and that her toes are also cosmic. I have eaten at "Blu" in Lahainatown and like all the restaurants in that stretch (Kimo's, Lahaina Yacht Club, Bubba Gumps) the view is amazing. So I think next week Chaunte may get hers! She has quite the attitude and I hope the boys put her in line.
Hope to see Hana soon and maybe Haleakela!...and here's to the pipeline in Paia!
Nice stuff and it just keeps on getting better!


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