Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pittsburgh the Perfect Host for Homecoming Movie Crew and Director, Morgan J Freeman and Lead Mischa Barton!

This was my first trip to Pittsburgh. I arrived late and we stayed at the Westin downtown. The view of "Three Rivers" at night is very impressive. Plus you can see the lights and the skyline as the acid dust and constant haze from the early steel manufacturing days is long gone.
Now Pittsburgh is offering tax advantages and other incentives to attract more movie makers to film here. I assume this is why Paper Street Films selected Pittsburgh for "Homecoming" and Kevin Smith will be arriving soon to start their new project here as well.
Here are a few shots of Pittsburgh and Three Rivers.

We had an early start the next day to the set located about 50 miles outside of Pittsburgh. It was cold and you could feel it in the air that snow was on the way. I went with my wife Barbara and we had a quick cup of coffee at crafts services and then proceeded to take a look at the set for today's shoot. Morgan J Freeman and the crew decided that it would be best to film the outdoor scenes first in case it snowed. The crew had already set up for interior shots in the old farm house and were not excited about breaking down their morning effort and prepare for the exterior shots. Turned out the Morgan was right as the sky opened up about 10:30 AM and within 30 minutes the snow was too heavy for the snow filters mounted on their cameras to work properly- so they were able to maximize their day in spite of the difficult weather conditions. Mischa Barton was getting a good dose of snow conditions just in time for her departure to more snow at Sundance for the premiere of her new film, "Assassination of a High School President," that debuts on Wednesday night the 23rd!

Here is a photo of Morgan, Barb and me on the set.
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