Friday, November 30, 2007

Born Killers Directed by Morgan J. Freeman now on DVD!

This movie is worth seeing just to witness Tom Sizemore and how he can act when he was performing at the same time the law was really on his case for the Heidi Fleiss incident. When Morgan said.."action"- Sizemore locks in and he is superior! Available on DVD at and other outlets on December 11th.
Congratulations Morgan!

Review By Dennis Dermody of CINEMANIAC
Watched a test disc this weekend of a movie coming out from Lions Gate on DVD on December 11th that was really twisted and dark: Born Killers. It was directed by Morgan J. Freeman, who made the fascinating Hurricane Streets (Sundance 1997) with Brendon Sexton III. Born Killers is about two brothers: John (Jake Muxworthy) and Michael (Gabriel Mann), who roam the countryside killing people.
In flashbacks we see they were taught well by their psychotic dad (played all too appropriately by Tom Sizemore), who claims most houses are just piggy banks to break into and steal from (not to mention kill their owners). The original title was called Piggy Banks.

The movie is the damnedest thing -- every time you think it's going to do one thing it pulls the rug out from under you. Most of the murders happen off screen, but it's still pretty deranged. And when John visits his half sister Gertie (Lauren German) things take another turn and get even weirder. I remember liking Lauren German in Hostel 2 -- she has a toughness and yet she's sexy and great to watch on the screen. But this Jake Muxworthy is really something -- he's frighteningly cute and fabulous in the film. I see he's in the new film by Snakes on o Plane director David R. Ellis called Asylum. It's too bad Born Killers never got a proper release but now at least it will be coming out on DVD. It's unusual and kind of terrific.

Blurb from Hampton's Film Festival (Jake Muxworthy received special award!)
This year’s Rising Stars are Eugene Byrd (Confess, GSA Narrative Competition), Kip Pardue (Laura Smiles, World Cinema), Emily Blunt (Gideon’s Daughter, Spotlight Films), Florian Lukas (One Day In Europe, GSA Narrative Competition), Elizabeth Reaser (Sweet Land, GSA Narrative Competition) and Jake Muxworthy (Born Killers, Spotlight Films).


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