Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morgan J Freeman inks Mischa Barton for lead in “Homecoming”

This is a “quasi-pseudo-Exclusive” release of Morgan’s new film “Homecoming”. Morgan has taken up residence in Pittsburgh and is currently doing pre-production and “B-Roll” shots for filming which begins on December 10. Morgan has always worked under some of the harshest weather conditions of any movie maker in the business. “Hurricane Streets” and “Just Like the Son” were shot in 100 degree plus weather in New York. El Nino forced the bonding company to move the location of “Desert Blue” to Tonapah, Nevada from California and the set was covered by six inches of snow. So much for the decision-making of bonding companies. This time they are hoping for snow as the storyline calls for snowy conditions similar to some great scenes in “Misery”. So we are hoping El Nino delivers some timely snowstorms to Pittsburgh for a White Christmas and successful filming.

Morgan has quietly signed Mischa Barton as the lead in this new thriller! Mischa just finished “Malice in Sunderland” and played Marissa Cooper in “The O.C.”. In “Homecoming” she will play an obsessive, manic small-towner that tries to renew an old relationship with her former high school sweetheart. The plot thickens and becomes a scary college-aged thriller similar to “Misery”. Mischa will be joined by Matthew Long (Ghost Rider).

The project is from Animus Films and Paper Street and producers include Jim Young, Bill Papariella and Bingo Gubelman. Austin Stark, and Jack Heller are in talks for the other two leads. "Homecoming" is co-written by Katie Fetting and Frank Hannah.

Here’s hoping much success and good luck to the entire team as they convene in Pittsburgh, PA for the Holiday Season!


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