Monday, February 04, 2008

Homecoming: The Movie, Final days of filming with Mischa Barton and Matt Long... an animus films production directed by Morgan J. Freeman

As promised here is another update on the final days of the filming of Homecoming from Animus Films. The crew had to persevere very difficult conditions as it snowed, rained and created miserable conditions on the grounds. Many days were spent filming to midnight and beyond. Morgan did say "overall they were very satisfied with the consistent lighting provided by weather conditions". We frankly spent a few hours on the set and our toes were approaching frostbite condition and the hand warmers were getting too hot, as we did not have the proper gloves. Their salvation was shooting interiors most of the time. The old farmhouse had some unique rooms and here are some shots of the numerous interior sets. Just walking through the farmhouse was fascinating as you could see and feel how obsessive and deranged that Mischa Barton's character was.

DP, Stephen Kazmierski, is preparing for a new scene.

Empty Chairs- talent on the set please!

Sound is ready for action (the numerous stickers are used to keep track of who is acting in the scene).

Craft Services- still faint smell from horses that called this home in recent times.

The ride home and God was on our side as Amy, who lives in Pittsburgh, drives in the snow and sleet without fear!

My it was great to get back to the warmth of the Westin!
More updates on Homecoming soon....