Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maui Fever Only 2 Episodes left! What will I do?

Tonight is Episode 7 of only 8 and this week is going to go by so fast. Rachael is coming back from Oahu and who is going to end up with Cheyne? I just want to see the Island. Maui is so picturesque and I'm hoping they will visit Haleakala and Hana before it is over. Nice season nonetheless. Maui is such a special place and I credit MTV and the Producers for giving the world a glimpse of Maui's beauty.
Then the long wait for the Season on DVD!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maui Fever Gettin Real Complicated!

Well I guess everyone is going to do everyone else! I still think Rachael is the class of the show! I hope she gets back with Cheyne upon her return from Oahu. I hate to beat a dead horse but I really like the imagery Maui presents. Each shot is a postcard view. The colors are really vivid in Maui. Even the Moon seems to look closer and so much brighter in the Maui sky. It would be so nice to drop everything here in Southern California and take advantage of those special low fares on Aloha before they jump up for the summer.
Maui Fever Makes Me Feel Good!
Here are some photos I took in January of Whales in front of Kaanapali and also mid-channel on way to Lanai.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Maui Fever "Cram Session" New Scenes from Maui!

I am still into toes as the Maui Fever season moves forward. Anna gets the nod for "Cosmic Toes" with her nice nebula of tattooed stars highlighting her toes. I had a dream that I got fit and sized for a new toe ring by Anna. When I woke up it was another Maui Hottie that probably should have been in the show. Thanks Erica for the nice toe ring. Now I need a tattoo. Whatever you want you can get it in Maui like a nice massage on the boardwalk, henna tattoo's, toe rings, Croc's, Hawaiian Ice, Nice grass hats custom woven, Mai-Tai's on the Beach or dinner on the sand and more.

The next best thing from being in Maui is the glimpses of the Maui Beach, Ocean, Surf, Moon and more each week on Maui Fever! Last night the "Catch-up Show" had some great shots and the water looked psychedelic. When Rachael and Cheyne went to the beach to check out a wedding site (not their wedding) it was the prettiest blue color anywhere. How do they get the colors so vivid and saturated? The production staff at Asylum and 11th Street Productions really have their act together as they get the maximum results for their HD camera work.
Nice stuff-- I also really liked the repeat of the cat show! What a cleverly done sequence.

Here's looking forward to another exciting Wednesday night of Maui Fever!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Maui Fever Anna Makes Her Move...The Edge is Near!

WOW! What an episode!

Things are really getting twisted....

Rachael is freaking out...

The cat and Rachael are shitting in Cheyne's nest...

Anna is making her move on Cheyne....

Maui is supposed to be a low key, go with the flow, kind of place. But not in Maui Fever. These locals are playing hardball. And where do you find a chick that hasn't heard of a "skin flute"?

I really liked the visit to Justin's home and meeting his "Aunties". They were very interesting and I liked her comment about watch out for Keiki's (kids). Looked like a nice place for some good old Hawaiian Home Cookin! I would like to see George Kahumoku (Grammy Winner Hawaiian Music Album: "Legends of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar—Live From Maui") come and join Auntie for lunch on a future episode and George could serenade the kids with his slack-key. Or maybe Willy K could cameo and join in on the fun. Maui is blessed to have two of the world's top musicians living there. Hopefully, Willy has been watching the show, but George, who lives on a farm, does not have a TV, so he probably doesn't watch- although he knows all about the show. Maui is blessed to have these two fine Ambassadors of Hawaii living in Maui.

Anna's glimpses at Cheyne in the early episodes were for real and are beginning to pay off big time. Cheyne should be careful, as he is getting in over his head and Rachael is the best for him. Even though she has a Cat! The Cat was quite animated and seemed to enjoy his dialog with Cheyne.

There is something about the Maui backdrop that makes this drama play better.
Especially if you have ever spent alot of time in Maui. It would be tough to have this going on in Oswego, New York with 12 feet of snow or in Chicago with 40 mile an hour snow flurries.

Nice episode- can't wait until next week for another Maui Fix!
(below is George Kahumoku receiving Grammy!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Maui Fever" Next Injection Not Soon Enough!

It has only been 2 1/2 weeks since I was sitting on the Beach in Kaanapali. Yes I have to confess one of my guilty pleasures is watching the Hotties saunder up and down the Kaanapali Walkway. Tomorrow Episode 5 will give me a chance for another glimpse of the Maui lifestyle. Traversing the Island leads you from one postcard perfect view to another. This is how I see Maui Fever. Not the shallow picking up girls on the beach but the natural beauty of Maui in lifelike HD color. Yeah I could watch the Travel Channel- but I want some hep kids like Chaunte, Anna and Cheyne showing me some of the finer parts of Maui that people normally don't see.
Not sure what is going to happen in this episode or where the camera is going to take me but one thing for sure my Tivo is set and I am ready to Catch the Fever!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maui Fever Will Chaunte Get Dumped? Cosmic Toes

I am way to old for this stuff but I am enjoying the storyline in Maui Fever. Since I have a second home in Maui I was initially interested in watching to see just how the Producers of the show would capture the remarkable scenery in Maui. There is nothing like a nice ride to Hana or spending an afternoon on the many rocky beaches on the other side of Kapalua. This show does put you in a Maui State of Mind! I remember a taxi drive telling me as we drove to the airport during a full moon "you know Maui and Sedona are the only places on the earth that get special beta particles from the Cosmos". I have spent 15 years since he told me this trying to intercept some of these special particles- I am sure they are there. So Maui is a special place and it was nice to see the rocky shores south of Kapalua where we learned that Anna has Norwegian blood and that her toes are also cosmic. I have eaten at "Blu" in Lahainatown and like all the restaurants in that stretch (Kimo's, Lahaina Yacht Club, Bubba Gumps) the view is amazing. So I think next week Chaunte may get hers! She has quite the attitude and I hope the boys put her in line.
Hope to see Hana soon and maybe Haleakela!...and here's to the pipeline in Paia!
Nice stuff and it just keeps on getting better!

Friday, February 02, 2007

"Maui Fever" Finding its Way! Now in Full Stride...

Episode 3 really put Maui Fever in stride. It takes several episodes to tell a story and showcase such a beautiful place as Maui. As you can imagine I have been getting some interesting comments to my blog. Some looking for a more Hawaiian influence and others that really like what is going on. I just returned from over 3 weeks on Kaanapali Beach and I really enjoy the weekly glimpse of the vivid imagery found only in Maui. I am too old to be watching MTV, but I still enjoy the great photography and imagery in each show. The sunsets, moonscapes, transparent surf and the fast moving blue sky dotted with snow white clouds in deep saturated HD color. Wow! that is nice stuff! I also like the music aside from some of the hip-hop and rap. In the past three weeks they have showcased Flemming Beach, Lahainatown, Napili, Airport Beach, Black Rock, Hula Grill, Kaanapali Beach Hotel, The Whaler, Kaanapali Alii, Kimo's, Hula Grill, LeiLani's and more. It is just nice to see Maui. I can't wait until we get to enjoy the rest of the Island.
Hope you are liking the show more each week as I am.