Monday, April 14, 2008

Jessica Stroup will follow “Prom Night” with another thriller in “Homecoming”

Numbing as Amber in “The Hills Have Eyes 2” and riveting in last weekend’s Box Office Hit “Prom Night”, What could be next for Jessica Stroup? You guessed it another thriller in the edgy new teen shocker, “Homecoming” to be released later this year!

Jessica teams up with Mischa Barton, Matthew Long and Michael Landes in Homecoming, directed by Sundance winner Morgan J. Freeman (American Psycho 2, Dawson’s Creek).

Stroup plays girlfriend who becomes the target of her man's ex-high school sweetheart (Mischa Barton).

"It's based on the movie Misery. Mischa captures me," she tells So, essentially, you're the James Caan of the film. "I am." Are you hobbled by a sledgehammer? "No, my Achilles tendon gets slashed."

Stroup expresses the film posed significant physical challenges that extended beyond her scenes with Barton. "We shot the film in Pittsburgh. It was 10-degrees outside and I'm wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants and a white wife-beater. It was freezing cold and awful."


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