Saturday, July 18, 2009

Homecoming LA Opening directed by Morgan J Freeman and written by Katie Fetting

Well thank you again Morgan for creating such a special night for all of us including your Long Beach fan base!
Homecoming was a big hit for those who were at the Sunset5 showing Friday night.
Some of the gritty scenes produced so much groaning in the audience that I thought I was watching "16 and Pregnant".
Alissa's song in the scene when Mischa is talking on phone to her brother was rich and exciting- she has a great voice. Jenny Lewis and Blake's music (Rilo Kiley) was also great. Mike Anderson commented about how great the music was as well.
We all met writer Katie Fetting(in photo) and she spent several minutes taking our questions- she said critics do not know how to handle a movie like homecoming
and she enjoyed working with you and your team. She also wished best for Mischa Barton as we all do. Katie was a very interesting and personable and provided a super recap on an already great night!
Another memorable evening for all of us and we thank you and congratulate you for inviting us to such a great movie.
If you get a chance go check out "Homecoming".


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