Tuesday, July 25, 2006

NorthStar Horizon Classic System- Nice Memory

Vintage Northstar S-100 Horizon System in excellent condition and working. Includes SOROC IQ-120 Terminal with unique Northstar labeled function key sticker. Plus NEC 9510 SpinWriter. Donation by Carol Amato of Stargazer Publishing in Corona, CA.
Horizon 8-bit S-100 computer was introduced in 1979. Horizon with single drive is $1599/kit form and $1899/assembled. Dual drive is $1999/kit form and $2349/assembled. They also started shipping a Shugart 5.25" disk system in 1978. You could buy a kit for a whopping $700! North Star Computers was founded by phD types Chuck Grant and Mark Greenberg. Chuck was quite a nice and gentle guy to deal with. The company seemed to be in some kind of trance when you dealt with their moon-people like sales and service team. I call it the personal computer created by the "Hippie Generation". Horizon was one of the most popular computers from 1979 to 1985. We enjoyed dealing with and selling Northstar products....
Thanks Carol!


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