Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vintage OP-80A Paper Tape Reader

Oliver Audio Engineering (OAE) first introduced in 1976 by a very nice man named Doug Oliver. Doug was one of those people that made it a pleasure to be in the computer business. At ACP we sold hundreds of these and they never came back. The quality was a tribute to Doug and his approach to design and reliability. Plus Doug purchased a fair number of his components from us. The OP-80A basically outdated the Teletype ASR-33 as the popular mode of reading paper tape. The OP-80A sold as a kit for only $74.95. All you needed is a light source to place over the reader as you pulled the paper tape through. OAE and Doug continued to make several more models and EPROM programmers throughout the 80’s. This one is a "Classic".


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