Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Just Like the Son" World Premiere had Newport Film Festival in a Buzzzz

This is the second time I have seen "Just Like the Son" and I enjoyed even more. Certain things like the quality of the Soundtrack came through and especially the songs by Blake's new group "Elected". The crowd really was into the movie as all stayed til the very end and through what was a lively and interesting Q&A session. Morgan J. Freeman and Mark Webber were on hand and enlightened the independent movie fans with tidbits about the writing, directing and acting process they went through, One of the biggest challenges was working with Antonio Ortiz as sometimes a 5 year old can be difficult. But with Antonio it was a breeze. Morgan said he wrote the ending first as that is what works best for him in his writing process. The film took place all over the East Coast and the South down to Texas and was shot in 24 days plus 3 days pickup. Mark has a new movie coming out in August called "Hottest State" with Michelle Williams. He is also going to Direct his first film this summer. Nice sweet movie as one fan said. Sure was and it was nice to see "Chaunte" from "Maui Fever" and some of the Long Beach supporters like John Hancock and Steve Conley. We all hit the El Torito Grill after for some more active dialogue. Morgan came close to closing a distribution deal with Dave Myerscough but Dave wanted to sleep on it. Here are some photos of some of the crowd and festivities. They do a nice job at the Newport Beach Film Festival.