Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Maui Fever Anna Makes Her Move...The Edge is Near!

WOW! What an episode!

Things are really getting twisted....

Rachael is freaking out...

The cat and Rachael are shitting in Cheyne's nest...

Anna is making her move on Cheyne....

Maui is supposed to be a low key, go with the flow, kind of place. But not in Maui Fever. These locals are playing hardball. And where do you find a chick that hasn't heard of a "skin flute"?

I really liked the visit to Justin's home and meeting his "Aunties". They were very interesting and I liked her comment about watch out for Keiki's (kids). Looked like a nice place for some good old Hawaiian Home Cookin! I would like to see George Kahumoku (Grammy Winner Hawaiian Music Album: "Legends of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar—Live From Maui") come and join Auntie for lunch on a future episode and George could serenade the kids with his slack-key. Or maybe Willy K could cameo and join in on the fun. Maui is blessed to have two of the world's top musicians living there. Hopefully, Willy has been watching the show, but George, who lives on a farm, does not have a TV, so he probably doesn't watch- although he knows all about the show. Maui is blessed to have these two fine Ambassadors of Hawaii living in Maui.

Anna's glimpses at Cheyne in the early episodes were for real and are beginning to pay off big time. Cheyne should be careful, as he is getting in over his head and Rachael is the best for him. Even though she has a Cat! The Cat was quite animated and seemed to enjoy his dialog with Cheyne.

There is something about the Maui backdrop that makes this drama play better.
Especially if you have ever spent alot of time in Maui. It would be tough to have this going on in Oswego, New York with 12 feet of snow or in Chicago with 40 mile an hour snow flurries.

Nice episode- can't wait until next week for another Maui Fix!
(below is George Kahumoku receiving Grammy!)


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