Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Maui Fever "Cram Session" New Scenes from Maui!

I am still into toes as the Maui Fever season moves forward. Anna gets the nod for "Cosmic Toes" with her nice nebula of tattooed stars highlighting her toes. I had a dream that I got fit and sized for a new toe ring by Anna. When I woke up it was another Maui Hottie that probably should have been in the show. Thanks Erica for the nice toe ring. Now I need a tattoo. Whatever you want you can get it in Maui like a nice massage on the boardwalk, henna tattoo's, toe rings, Croc's, Hawaiian Ice, Nice grass hats custom woven, Mai-Tai's on the Beach or dinner on the sand and more.

The next best thing from being in Maui is the glimpses of the Maui Beach, Ocean, Surf, Moon and more each week on Maui Fever! Last night the "Catch-up Show" had some great shots and the water looked psychedelic. When Rachael and Cheyne went to the beach to check out a wedding site (not their wedding) it was the prettiest blue color anywhere. How do they get the colors so vivid and saturated? The production staff at Asylum and 11th Street Productions really have their act together as they get the maximum results for their HD camera work.
Nice stuff-- I also really liked the repeat of the cat show! What a cleverly done sequence.

Here's looking forward to another exciting Wednesday night of Maui Fever!


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