Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maui Fever The Movie! Huge Finale in Hana!

I was in Maui when for part of the time while the team was shooting Maui Fever. Every now and then i would happen on them in front of Lei Lani's or The Whaler "shooting some reality". I overheard them planning where they were going to shoot next and one of them said "tell the boys we will be over at 10:30 and we will shoot some reality". I thought it was interesting that they did not have a script and they were not concerned about people on the the beachwalk walking by while they were shooting. The cameras just keep on running. In a movie the production people would be running all over up and down the beach telling people to freeze , be quiet and as the Assistant Director would say "all quiet on the set" and then the Director chimes in with "Action" and the cameras roll. Reality is totally different- no film, they used HD digital cameras and they can shoot as much as they want.

I left Maui and 3-4 days later Maui had the big Earthquake. I wondered if this would impact "Maui Fever"? So far none of the episodes have had any reference to the earthquake that did, if you recall, close down the only access road to Hana. So now that episode 8 is part of the "Maui Fever Movie" and they said in the last episode they were going to Hana- it'll be interesting to look for any signs of the earthquake. Anyway.....I'm just glad that they'll be showing some of the "Road to Hana" and I hope there are more surprises in the 2-hour long movie!


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