Thursday, March 01, 2007

Maui Fever and the Road to Hana! One more Year!

Last night was another great episode. Nice shots of Kaanapali Beach, The Point and Kapalua. Too bad the show has to end next week just when they travel to Hana and Haleakala. Can't wait to check out the Hana Road! Nice job by the Maui Fever team on the first season. Maui offers so much potential and I hope to see an even better season next year. Input from the Maui people hopefully will be integrated into an improved format. There are so many stories to tell about Maui and Hawaii and its history and culture. The people of Maui should be consulted so their stories about the history and traditions be included. More road trips and visits to fascinating parts of the island will make the show even more interesting. I would like to go along with Cheyne on more surfing trips. Watch Anthony, Sean and Cheyne get ripped by the strong surf at Hookipa. Tag along with Rachael as she arranges a traditional Hawaiian wedding on a secret and sacred beach somewhere on the Island. Maybe a visit to some of the New Age Yoga-type spiritualists upcountry would motivate people to take better care of themselves. A visit to a traditional kitchen upcountry in Kula to learn how to make Lau-Lau's then watch Anna and Chaunte try to eat them properly. Every other Saturday Maui has Canoe races that attract a very interesting crowd. And of course my personal Maui favorites, George Kahumoku, Jr. and Willy K have some of the best Hawaiian stories to share about their "Aunties and Uncles". It would be sad to not be able to continue to showcase Maui on network TV in the future. It's good for Maui and for the Maui people. Here's hoping we see you guys all back for one more year! One more visit to the Hula Grill, Kimo's, Lei Lani's and Hailemaile. I enjoyed it!
See you in Maui!


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