Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Born Killers" on DVD in December!

Word is that Lions Gate is releasing "Born Killers" on DVD in December 2007. It was directed by Morgan J. Freeman (Hurricane Streets: Sundance Winner 1997) and is breakout role for Jake Muxworthy (John) and one of the last acting roles for Tom Sizemore (Father) who may be watching from his cell. "Born Killers" is a twisted tale about two brothers, John and Michael, who get their kicks from killing people. Well-taught by their father (Sizemore) who believes that people and things were just piggy banks there for the taking. John tries to break the trend and Jake Muxworthy really shines in this role. Muxworthy won special award at "Hampton's Film Festival" for his role in this movie. Sizemore is really good as well! Original title of movie was "Piggy Banks".
Morgan is in pre-production for his 6th Independent Feature Film to be filmed in Pittsburg, PA!
Morgan J Freeman at Film Festival with Dad!


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